Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello Man in White Suit

Another web-page update. I did a new painting just for the splash to my website. Here's the new look. This coincides with some logo changes I have planned, but aren't quite ready.

However, the red-haired figure I used in the update wasn't the first painting I did for this concept. I originally started with a different man in a white suit but was pretty unhappy with the results. While he fits the basic idea of what I wanted: a pale figure in a white suit that plays with the idea of white space, he's just a little too creepy. Check him out below. He's the guy in the navy fedora. I think you'll agree that the Red-Haired result is much smarter choice.

(Also of note, I have now officially and accidentally done a red-haired painting 3 years in a row in the winter. Red-Haired Girl, Jessica, and Man in White Suit)

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