Monday, January 22, 2007

Red Haired Girl

Here's a quick little drawing that I did tonight. It's based so closely off of a gorgeous MaxStudio ad from fall 2006 that I don't deserve any credit beyond the media application (which this was intended to practice). I've been wanting to do something really high contrast like this for a while and also have wanted to portray fair, youthful, and glowing sking. I think I've finally figured out how to use red in the skin efficiently (well, for this drawing at least) so I'm pretty happy about it.

I'm also pretty happy to point out that this is the first female portrait that I've done during the last two months of having an art blog. I've kind of been avoiding that because women are so delicate that they really require a lot of extra care. (for instance, it would be a very bad idea to use a lot of heavy brushstrokes in a woman's face because it appears blotchy in a way that wouldn't register on a male portrait). I think I'll do some more women.

Next step: come up with some ORIGINAL artwork!!

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