Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stefano Pilati

Well, as you can see a couple posts down, I love Stefano Pilati. So, here is my tribute to him in paint form. (Well, Photoshop paint, at least :) I've also included several grabs showing the process of the pieces. I think painting processes are so interesting, and I love seeing the progression in other artist's work. I'm always amazed, actually, at how different the end product is in my paintings from my initial scratches... since my pieces are built so gradually, I don't ever notice how naive they look in the beginning. It's kind of like growing up... You are physically changing, but since you are with yourself at all moments, how could you possibly notice those changes?

A little info on my thoughts and processes: I started with a warm orange base because I wanted this piece to showcase his lovely tanned skin and the contrast of that against the clean, fresh colors in his shirt and background. This image should convey the same crisp modernity as his work for Yves St. Laurent.