Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Concept Art

Here's a painting I did last weekend to warm up a new game design project I'm working on. To follow my progress go to my other blog, Osgood in 3D.

Mudbox vs. Zbrush

Starting a new project that will focus on using Mudbox (or Zbrush?) for Game Design. The goal will be to create a series of concept paintings that inspire 3d models for a handful of characters and a set. I want to explore the idea of a more painterly look to 3d texturing but at the same time want to create different types of convincing materials (i.e. leather, hair, metal, glass, satin, velvet) Will be concepting and exploring different solutions.

Here is my first concept painting of what could be one of the characters or inspiration for them. I used this as a guide for modeling and painting in Mudbox. The goal was to create a fairly simple piece of geometry sculpted entirely in Mudbox (without and help from Maya) and use Trompe L'oeil painting techniques to create the illusion of depth. The painted render below uses no lighting, the entire effect is painted onto the model.

After completing this test I wanted to give Zbrush a try. I've chosen a completely different subject so it's not a perfect 1:1 comparison but Zbrush is certainly a better sculpting tool. Something about the way the tools impact the 3d form is far more natural. Additionally it has an array of beautiful "materials" that look remarkably like different types of clay. I think this helps me get in the mindset of sculpting, whereas Mudbox materials always look like 3D models. However I'm not impressed with Zbrush's user interface and think its "2.5d" paradigm is very confusing. Will continue exploring.