Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I like Sean Young. And I don't care how crazy she is.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

80 Dlist Boys: glowstars, pw417, ikuku, slopehead

More more more. This is an interesting group because I've met all four of the gentlemen in question. Here are some notes:
  1. Glowstars is a dear friend of mine from Milwaukee. He is also an artist/designer and has a blog.
  2. pw417 is a cool guy from Chicago that I met several months ago and humorously bumped into recently.
  3. ikuku is far more handsome and masculine in reality. Somehow the drawing got a little squirelly. He's from Poland and I had the pleasure of sharing a few drinks with him while he was in the US back in April.
  4. Slopehead was possibly the first dlister that I met - he gave me free lodging (and an amazing welcome to Brooklyn with a homemade steak & asparagus dinner) a few years ago the first time I went to NYC.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Janelle Monae

Painted this little lady in the afternoon after finishing some real work. Was tons of fun to just paint something and not care too much about the result! (meanwhile, two almost-finished acrylic paintings are staring me down begging for those final all-important brushstrokes).

Also some fantastic news, my Mad Men heads made it into the 3x3 pro show. Found out a couple weeks ago.

80 Dlist Boys: awesleyc, johnny_bebop, jperkins, sloc0898

4 more. Kind of wish I could have gotten johnny_bebop & sloc0898 on adjoining pages because of their tall hair!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

80 Dlist Boys: xelamonster, BenPhilBeck, OshKosh, ralowe

4 more as promised. A few comments:
  1. I've been looking forward to drawing BenPhilBeck for about a year now, carrying around a little picture of him in my sketchbook and really muffed up the likeness. In his photos he's got a really fantastic Don Draper chin and an optimistic look to him. Somehow I ended up drawing him really devious. Rats!
  2. The reason ralowe is upside down is because his DList photo is upside down. I actually drew him upside down, as well, for an extra challenge.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

80 Dlist Boys: QueerRocket, Serpentine, thebenjamin, bikeculture

Here's my next batch of four (still have a couple up my sleeve and only 8 left to draw for the entire series). I decided to start drawing in the people from DList that I've actually met in reality. Thebenjamin is a cooky fellow from Raleigh and bikeculture is one of my favorite people up in Madison. (although I really missed the point with his portrait, he's much easier to look at that I have drawn him)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

80 Dlist Boys: heartbeat_city, javad, socialwhore, dizeek

I've been lagging behind online, but not in reality. I've got 10 more dlist boys ready for action after this post. Keep looking for more.