Tuesday, June 15, 2010

80 Dlist Boys: glowstars, pw417, ikuku, slopehead

More more more. This is an interesting group because I've met all four of the gentlemen in question. Here are some notes:
  1. Glowstars is a dear friend of mine from Milwaukee. He is also an artist/designer and has a blog.
  2. pw417 is a cool guy from Chicago that I met several months ago and humorously bumped into recently.
  3. ikuku is far more handsome and masculine in reality. Somehow the drawing got a little squirelly. He's from Poland and I had the pleasure of sharing a few drinks with him while he was in the US back in April.
  4. Slopehead was possibly the first dlister that I met - he gave me free lodging (and an amazing welcome to Brooklyn with a homemade steak & asparagus dinner) a few years ago the first time I went to NYC.

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