Saturday, March 28, 2009

80 Dlist Boys: justincase & talldrink

I'm inspired by the phenomena of all the beautiful faces on social networks across the globe. Each day I'm going to draw a portrait of one man from in my moleskin. As the sketchbook has 80 pages, so will there be 80 drawings at the end of the project. I'll post them all here!

Edit: 04.05.09
I digitally changed justincase: he was the first sketch in my book and I used a gray marker to shade him instead of pencil. I didn't like how different he looked, so I edited to appear more pencily, and I made his tie orange.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello Man in White Suit

Another web-page update. I did a new painting just for the splash to my website. Here's the new look. This coincides with some logo changes I have planned, but aren't quite ready.

However, the red-haired figure I used in the update wasn't the first painting I did for this concept. I originally started with a different man in a white suit but was pretty unhappy with the results. While he fits the basic idea of what I wanted: a pale figure in a white suit that plays with the idea of white space, he's just a little too creepy. Check him out below. He's the guy in the navy fedora. I think you'll agree that the Red-Haired result is much smarter choice.

(Also of note, I have now officially and accidentally done a red-haired painting 3 years in a row in the winter. Red-Haired Girl, Jessica, and Man in White Suit)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Missoni Spring 2009

Here's a companion piece I started back in December to the Prada Cats. I might finish the set with some Lanvin or Vuitton. We'll see. It's acrylic on wood panel with black ink. I'm also considering putting some gold on the jewelry areas, but we'll see about that! The second image is the color study.

The dresses are from Missoni's Spring 2009 line. I thought that this was a gorgeous collection that paired a few different ideas about texture & textiles with some fantastic solid colors on some fresh silhouettes. I picked three ensembles that showed the full story of the collection. My favorite part is the cubist pattern of grays, pinks, yellows and turquoise that I got to paint underneath the linework on the second bird lady. Below are the actual dresses (photos from used without permission)