Sunday, March 01, 2009

Missoni Spring 2009

Here's a companion piece I started back in December to the Prada Cats. I might finish the set with some Lanvin or Vuitton. We'll see. It's acrylic on wood panel with black ink. I'm also considering putting some gold on the jewelry areas, but we'll see about that! The second image is the color study.

The dresses are from Missoni's Spring 2009 line. I thought that this was a gorgeous collection that paired a few different ideas about texture & textiles with some fantastic solid colors on some fresh silhouettes. I picked three ensembles that showed the full story of the collection. My favorite part is the cubist pattern of grays, pinks, yellows and turquoise that I got to paint underneath the linework on the second bird lady. Below are the actual dresses (photos from used without permission)

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