Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Return of Red Haired Girl

I was so happy with the Red Haired Girl Sketch that I did (I think I only spent about an hour on it) that I wanted to keep going with it. My original intention was merely to finish her hand so that all of her skin was well developed and the abstractness would come in her surroundings, but I ended up doing a major overhaul on her face and hair (as well as defining her dress). So basically, I spent a whole lot of time fine tuning this little sketch. Perhaps her hair could get a little brighter and more out of control? Maybe some time this weekend after I finish my pile of Freelance work!!!

(A side note: I listened to Peaches the whole time that I was working on it, which is probably the most opposite type of music I possibly could have chosen)

Also for your viewing pleasure is the photo that I was working off of. I think what I did to the piece in these revisions has made it a lot more "mine," but still I give full credit to the stylists, photographers, and the pretty young thing responsible for this ad (which, again, is Fall 2006 MaxStudio)

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Tina Vaziri said...

Addaaaamm, I loove this red haired girl illustration. It turns me on a little....