Saturday, March 26, 2011

...And More Texturing.


Saw this music video by "Oh Land" yesterday night and was suddenly inspired to use the same makeup for "Mother" in my project. (She's the lady in the frame in the Red Room). First I did a [really ugly] painting to see if I liked the makeup in combination with the face shape and hair, then I started mapping it out. I also played with making her appear older via a rougher bump map with some light wrinkling. Wanted her to still have a timeless appearance like Streep or Mirren.

This was fun because I got to contrast the robotic appearance of "Anna" with slightly more humanistic detailing and skin-tone variation in "Mother."

I also spent a bit of time on a proof on concept for a matte & metallic wallpaper treatment. The result is pretty ugly, but I think I could refine this to be something really wonderful.

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