Sunday, February 20, 2011

UV Workflows

Just spent the whole day following a UV tutorial on Digital Tutors, which involved making UVs for a poly version of the Raptor I did a month ago and then transferring it to a Sub-D model that has some extra bumps and definition. Everything was going smoothly until the last step! How frustrating is that? The first problem is that Maya 2011 doesn't have a "Copy Mesh Attributes" menu item anymore, which is what the instructor uses on Digital Tutors. I had to research a work around, so I used "transfer attributes." Not sure if these both do the same thing or not. Anyway all seemed well until I did a test render and as you can see the Sub-D texture has all kinds of funky noise on it! On the bright side, I can always revert back to the Poly model that still looks sharp and just do some extra sculpting on it. Maybe do a normal map not that I've got my UVs set up so well.

I would like to know whether I made a mistake somewhere down the pipeline or if this has to do with the missing menu item?

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