Saturday, March 29, 2008

This makes me giggle.

I didn't realize, until completely finishing, that the lighting on the figure is incongruent with the shadows cast behind him. Bad artist... all I was thinking about was how I compositionally wanted the shadows to fall and what it would do to the psychology of the piece. I kind of like that it doesn't match... I don't know if it's terribly obvious beyond creating discomfort within the reality of the piece.

The pose is from a Gant ad.

And, I decided to fix the new Red Haired Girl... Looking at her the day after I painted it, I realized that her hair wasn't really what I had envisioned it... the original plan was for it to be big and wild, and it ended up being quite short. So, here's an update. I think it's improved. I also think the technique is a little nicer... the hair in the original piece is a little too evenly painted. I was trying to do this a little more painterly and with some degree of emphasis and randomness.

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