Monday, July 09, 2007

Piazza Sempione

Here's a little sketch I did based off of one of Piazza Sempione's 2007 Spring/Summer ads. I think it was in Vogue. This shows the new direction that I'm trying to move in with my stylization. Something about the wide-eyed, squash-headed female is really speaking to me right now. I'm enjoying the play with exaggeration. The sketch was done with some micron pens and then I threw some quick photoshop on it just for fun.


-David Poe said...

A lot! Really. Did you color that IN the sketchbook, or in the computer? Either way it looks great, I think the line-work and color choices are what work for me!

Adam Osgood said...

Hey thanks. Besides for the oats in the background (or whatever they are :) all the colors were quick airbrushes with photoshop. I think the linework here was strong enough to support very subtle and plain coloring, which is something I'm going to do more of!

Tina Vaziri said...

Her face and hair are superb! I like this new style. I bet it's a lot faster than your full on paintings!