Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fashion Chickadee

Here's a portion of a painting that I did of one of my fashion designs. I didn't finish it, and don't think I will, but I really liked how the face came along and how the rest of the piece was starting to become "3D". I've since decided that it would be anti-fashion illustration to be so laborious with a single design, so I'm going to try something else for what this project was meant to be.

Oh, and here's another one that I had started.


-David Poe said...

The top girl reminds me of another artist... Glin Dibley (Michael Koelsch).

Childrens books, pastels... I dont know if Im the only one that sees it a little.

Its great either way!

Adam Osgood said...

I see it! Actually I was looking at the Avalanche artists (the fine folk that do concepting for Walt Disney's video games). Sam Nielson in particular was my inspiration.

Tina Vaziri said...

I love this exaggeration. The textures and painterly look on the top one are very very nice.