Monday, November 14, 2011


I've been playing with Zbrush all weekend. Here are the best results. I also re-sculpted the Bird Queen model that I was working on in Mudbox now that I've got the hang of Zbrush. The results are very different as you can see in the comparison image. It seems like Zbrush has better pressure sensitivity so sculpting in that software is more akin to digital painting where in Mudbox I'm always aware that I'm working on a 3D mesh which likely accounts for the stiffness. A note of interest: I spent twice as long working on the Mudbox version accomplished much less in that time. Hopefully I'll have time to get Buster the spaceman into Zbrush before I finish this project.

Also attached is the new concept art for the Bird Queen. I changed it around so that there would be more sculpted detail than in the original.

One last note: the female bust is based on a somewhat iconic Richard Avedon photo of Jacqueline de Ribes.


Sultan said...

Im new to zbrush.... and mudbox as well.... so you really think i should go ahead with zbrush.... i work on max for the base... and im having a hard time trying to figure out the workflow of all maps through the softwares... any guidance will highly be appreciated...

Adam Osgood said...

I think for sculpting, Zbrush is king. However, I found Zbrush very difficult to get started with because the 3D paradigm is so different than all of the Autodesk products. The only think I can recommend is patience and perseverance. Take baby steps with Zbrush and follow along to some youtube tutorials. That's what I did, and now I know how to use almost all the tools and they are much less complicated than they first appear.

Now, if you are just planning to add a couple little surface details, than Mudbox is a simple solution, as the maps output exactly what you need for max or maya. I also think Mudbox is a great solution for painting textures, but that's a whole different post.

You might also get a Digital Tutors subscription. I used them for about 6 months and their tutorials are really ace.