Monday, April 26, 2010

80 Dlist Boys: yeehaw83, bluelines

The latest two drawings. I wasn't ever planning on drawing myself into this project, but then I did. Doing a self portrait proved to be very difficult within the context of the rest of the drawings because I have been attempting to capture the beauty in each Dlist boy from a single photograph by carefully focusing on proportion and scale of features. For no. 53, it was hard to draw what I saw as opposed to what I know.


Zachary said...

No. 53 sure looks familiar!

mr. pants said...

It would also be hard to do yourself because you're so ugly. JUST KIDDING. I love that you did you. And it came out really well. I do think there is less of a sense of distortion with your self portrait. You can maybe guess that I prefer it over your other portraits, although they all are charming.

teach me to draw hair.