Sunday, August 23, 2009

Middle Cyclone

I drew this yesterday during breaks from a lengthy & tedious graphic design project, and colored it today. I'm happy with the way it turned out--just as I imagined it when I drew the sketch a few months ago. This CD is all about nature and animals (plus lots of twisters). There is also a really lovely song called "Prison Girls" that inspired the girl.

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mr. pants said...

this one for me is a little literal to the title. I don't know what the song is about, but i assume that the cyclone doesn't refer to an actual weather phenomenon but actually is used as a metaphor for someone who is out of control, or maybe to a situation where chaos features prominently. She looks a little bit like the tasmanian devil. The chaos of the sketch is a little stronger, and i think the trick is in the looseness.

On the plus side, i think your color is pretty daring, and i like the mix of black and yellow.