Tuesday, April 14, 2009

80 Dlist Boys: The ones I did when I was in New York

I completed these last four sketches during a short jaunt to New York. I was looking at graduate programs and had the privilege of meeting with Marshall Arisman who is the head of SVA's Illustration MFA program. He gave me some really insightful feedback and I think I'm done with all these long necks. Not to say I'll never draw a long neck again because I sure will. But "not everyone has a long neck."


Tina Vaziri said...

These look great, Adam. And how exciting about SVA and talking to Arisman! When are you thinking of starting graduate school?

mr. pants said...

Um, I am in love with that red hat. It is so standout. I have to go through the rest of this blog, you have been doing SO MUCH WORK since i last looked at this.