Friday, November 09, 2007


I'm working on revamping my whole website... and have been delving into Flash as a means of adding that extra wow factor... I was thinking about JUST doing a flash "Welcome Page", but the one I've designed takes so long to load, that it's simply not worth it for functionality.

Since this project is dead, at least in this incarnation, I figured I'd post it here, because it is kind of cool. Any thoughts on gallery websites made in HTML vs. Flash?


-David Poe said...

I love the look/feel of the page!!
-Flash can be great if used correctly. Recently I built a page using FLASH and XML. The XML pulled images from a folder, loading them into FLASh without the HUGE loading time, making it not move so slow. You can do Dynamic type that way, too, having the type on the FLASH be pulled from an XML file. that way you can update graphics and wording without editing the flash.

My animation was done using some tweens, but mainly frame by frame animation. It's easy using a thing called 'onion skinning' in flash. it allows you to see the previous frames and upcoming frames. Draw the keyframes and onionskin, then draw the in-betweens.

Feel free to e-mail me about flash stuff, I do a lot, now, at my work.

Tina Vaziri said...

Oh Em Gee,, Adam,

I'd love to see you take this further into the other pages. I think it's worth it once you use David's tips of optimization.

Adam Osgood said...

Thanks for both of your comments, David and Tina. I agree, XML is definitely the way to go. I figured out how to make a flash gallery that pulls images from specified places on the web... now just to incorporate that logic to all aspects of the design. (I wish I did more of this in school... learning organization techniques would be key for me... I've got movie clips on movie clips on movie clips here and it's a mess!)