Tuesday, September 25, 2007

50th Post Celebration!

Here are three fabulous red-heads to celebrate my 50th post with me! This is the second part of my fall fashion trend book. It will present a concise and distilled version of what I'm seeing in 2007's fall collections. (If you like the middle girl's lovely printed jersey dress, you'll have to check out Chloé who provided the inspiration)

While I'm here I'd also like to say that I've grown a WHOLE lot since I started this blog, and I can't believe that it's almost been a whole year. I was thinking about that today at work where I've figured out my calendar all the way up to December. Last year in December I did a portrait (almost) every day of a male figure... Maybe I'll do something like that again.?


Michael Coates said...

I just ADORE these!

Tina Vaziri said...

I am very impressed by your growth this year. I can't imagine anyone else from our graduating class working so hard to improve their skills in such a short time, as you have. David has gotten A LOT better as well but he has not been outputting the giant mounds of work you have created. Adam, you inspire me. For serious, yo. <3